The Art of Sandra Yagi

New Work
Longing for ephem sm cr

Longing for the Ephemeral Oil on panel 24x20 2021 SOLD

fujiwara sm.jpg

Portrait of Fujiwara No Hidesato, oil on canvas, 20x16, 2021

contemplation  cr

Contemplation Oil on panel, 18x18, 2021 SOLD

Equus small cr

Equus, oil on panel, 20x20, 2021

Equus study wc cr

Equus study, watercolor, 2020, SOLD

Flight small cr

Flight, oil on panel, 20x24, 2021 SOLD

Flight WC cr

Flight, study, watercolor 2021

Skeleton Seated with Butterfly Wingsccr

Contemplation, watercolor, 2020

Yagi_Youth_with_Skull copyright.jpg

Andreas Vesalius, Father of Anatomy, oil on panel, 20x16, 2020

Octoskull_II LR w copyright

Octoskull #2, oil on panel, 18x18, 2020

Skull_Snake and Bird small  w copyright

Inner Venom, oil on panel, 16x16, 2020

Eden Snake and IPhone

Temptation in Eden, oil on panel, 14x11, 2019

Yagi Fauns_16x20-125_3 inch

Dancing Fauns, 2019 20x16, oil on panel

yagi sphinx odeipus16x20-125_3inch copy

Oedipus and Sphinx, 2019, 20x16, oil on panel

Yagi  F&G 3 Skeletwins_2019_6_inch copy

Fred and Ginger #3, oil on panel, 12x9, 2019

Jaws copy 2

Movie Monsters in the style of Illuminated Manuscripts

Metamorphosis_20x24 CR

Metamorphosis, oil on panel, 20x24, 2019 SOLD

Gumball_Machine re low res

Bubblegum Machine, oil on panel, 24x12, 2021