The Art of Sandra Yagi

New Work
Draco_20x20 lr

Draco the Dragon, oil on panel, 20x20, 2023

Bunny Boogaloo re lrNEWSLETTER jpeg_16x16 copy

Bunny Boogaloo, oil on panel 16x16 2023

Fairy Ring LR RE copyright

The Fairy Ring, oil on panel, 24x30, 2022

HIgh_Five_Skellerflies  copyright

Playful Sprites, oil on panel, 16x16, 2022 SOLD

Kimono Cat jpeg lr re

Kimono Neko, 12x9, oil on panel, 2022

Samurai_Toad lr

Samurai Toad, 10x8, 2022, oil on panel

Beetle_Helmet re lr

Hussar of the Cicada regiment, 20x16, oil on panel 2022

Three Angels low res copyright.jpg

Three Angels, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2021

metamorphosis 2 copyright.jpg

Metamorphosis, 30x40, oil on canvas, 2021 SOLD

passage #1 smaller re copyright

Passage #1, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2021, SOLD

passage #2 copyright.JPG

Passage #2, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2021

Passage #3 copyright.JPG

Passage #3, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2021

Longing for ephem sm cr

Longing for the Ephemeral Oil on panel 24x20 2021 SOLD

fujiwara sm.jpg

Portrait of Fujiwara No Hidesato, oil on canvas, 20x16, 2021

contemplation  cr

Contemplation Oil on panel, 18x18, 2021 SOLD

Equus small cr

Equus, oil on panel, 20x20, 2021

Flight small cr

Flight, oil on panel, 20x24, 2021 SOLD

Octoskull_II LR w copyright

Octoskull #2, oil on panel, 18x18, 2020

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