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Reverie"  - Group Exhibit at Modern Eden

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I will have one of my new mythological creature paintings in a show at Modern Eden, titled "Mass - the Biggest Little show." 
"In a world where size is often equated with significance, we challenge that notion, inviting artists to explore the paradox of creating small works that command a massive presence. MASS is about the profMy latest oil painting, "Snail Rider" is included in "Reverie" a group exhibit at Modern Eden Gallery.  This exhibit is an exploration and celebration of the enigmatic and ethereal world of the Faye. This show is an invitation to artists to unleash their imaginations and delve into the mysteries and the magic of the fairy realm. Picture the enchanting fairy rings, the portals to the otherworld, a place where time bends and reality shimmers. These sacred circles of lore, hidden in the twilight of our ordinary world, become a stage for the Faye, for their timeless dances and whispered secrets.
On View: December 9, 2023–January 4, 2024
Opening Reception: December 9, 6–9 PM Modern Eden Gallery
1100 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109
OPEN: Saturday & Sunday, 12–5 pm. Weekdays by appointment. First Thursdays, 6–9 pm
PHONE: (415) 956-3303 Image above:  "Snail Rider" , oil on panel, 12x12, 2023, SOLD

"Intertwined" - Online Exhibit at WOWxWOW

One of my new mythological creature paintings, Sea Serpent #1,  is now in an online exhibit at WOW x WOW Gallery.  The exhibit, Intertwined, opened on  1st December and runs until 22nd December.  The exhibition features over 70 incredible original artworks by more than 60  international artists.

Intertwined Collectors' Preview
December 1 - December 22

Link to Collector's Preview

Upcoming Events

Four Squared
Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
August 2024

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