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Article in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

I was featured in a short interview/article in the December 2021, issue 35, of the international art magazine, Beautiful Bizarre. My sincere thanks go out to publisher/editor Danijela Krha Purssey, who is an insightful editor with a keen eye for art and fashion. I'm also very grateful to the support of Bradley and Kim at Modern Eden Gallery. The article is available in the print edition, Issue 35, which is still available at this LINK.

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Video: The Illusionists, presented by Michael Pearce

I am very honored to have been included in a video documenting the exhibit "The Illusionists" which took place last spring, 2019 at Studio Channel Island, and curated by Michael Pearce. The film was produced , directed and edited by Brit Brat Studio and features the following artists, including many of our artistic ancestors, to whom we take a great deal of inspiration. You can view the video at this link

Julie Bell, William Blake, Arnold Böcklin, Sandro Botticelli, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Eugen Bracht, Roger Dean, Kathiucia Diaz, Gentile da Fabriano, Frank Frazetta, Daniel French, H. R. Giger, Mark Gleason, Benozzo Gozzoli, F. Scott Hess, Regina Jacobson, Yu Ji, Guy Kinnear, Gustav Klimt, Brad Kunkle, Bryan Larsen, Richard MacDonald, John Millais, Claude Monet, Gustave Moreau, Alphonse Mucha, Vince Natale, Michael J. Pearce, Boris Vallejo, John Waterhouse, Pamela Wilson, Weixin Xu, and Sandra Yagi


Commission for Axl Rose

I was commissioned to paint a design on a leather jacket for hard rock music legend Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses. To get the effect I envisioned, I learned to use airbrush, which was used to apply paint for the background flames behind two fighting dragons.


ArtSpan Amplify Award
Dancing With the Stars_005 lr

The above work, Dancing with the Stars #5, was selected for a Juror's Award at the Artspan Exhibit - it is an honor to be selected, given the large number of talented Open Studios artists in San Francisco.  

ArtSpan invites prominent Bay Area arts and culture luminaries to the SFOS Exhibition to each select one artwork to receive their AMPLIFY: Juror's Choice Awards. Through these recognitions, jurors amplify the reach of artists distinguished for the visual impact of their submitted work. The jurors also pick an additional five artists to be their top 5 picks for SF Open Studios.

Interview in Scientific Inquirer

2019 Scientific Inquirer, "Sandra Yagi: Life, Death and Le Petit Mort"

I did an interview with the online magazine Scientific Inquirer, which is dedicated to exploring the junction where science and life meet, whether it’s in the lab or the studio or the diamond.

Cover Art on Book by Juliana Gray

juliana gray

The twins are featured in cover art on the book "Honeymoon Palsy" by Juliana Gray. It is published by Measure Press and is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Juliana Gray is a poet and English professor, originally from Alabama but relocated in 2006 to western New York, where she teaches atAlfred University. She is the author of two full-length poetry collections; the more recent, Roleplay, won the 2010 Orphic Prize and was published last year by Dream Horse Press. Roleplay also won the 2013 Eugene Paul Nassar Poetry Prize for the best annual poetry collection published by an upstate New York author.

Print Collaboration
I am collaborating with the Pangeaseed Foundation on a print release of the painting "Death and Nautilus". Proceeds from print sales will be used for their efforts to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful environmental change for oceans through ARTivism, education, and science. PangeaSeed forges a synthesis between creative expression, nature, and society to (re)connect individuals and communities with our planet’s most important ecosystem by following our core values of sustainability, education, ecology, and design.

Death and Nautilus revised jpeg

Press, Blogs and Publications

El Cultural, Interview with Sandra Yagi
  • Hi-Fructose: Sandra Yagi’s Strange Creatures, Skeletons Explore Our Nature by Andy Smith, Hi-Fructose
• WOW x WOW - interview and artist profile
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“Sandra Yagi’s Beautiful and Macabre Illustrations
• SciArt in America blog: “
Beauty in the Macabre: Science and Art in the works of Sandra Yagi
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Sandra Yagi
• Interview by Eclectix on-line art journal/gallery -
Sandra Yagi, Eclectix Interview 36
• 20, “
Pinturas sobre los peligros de la modificación genética” by Helena Celdran
The Mafu Cage, June 9, 2011
• San Francisco Art Enthusiast,
Interview with “Spectacular Beasts Artist "
• ArtScene, “
Clive Barker and Sandra Yagi,” by Ray Zone, Jan. 2011
Mental Shoes, Issue 018, “Sandra Yagi: Paintings,” Editor: D.H. Dowling, Jan. 1, 2011
• San Francisco Art News, “
Curiosity Dissected the Cat - Sandra Yagi,” by Michael Yochum, Oct. 14, 2010
• Democracy in China – Limited artists’ edition – Guns N’ Roses (pending release)
• Paul Rushca’s
Full Moon, the Collection of Paul Ruscha, by Paul Ruscha, Publisher: Steidl (November 21, 2008)
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